Knightline is proud to present for the first time in India, our 100% hand crafted made in Spain collection of bespoke shoes and lifestyle accessories that are MADE-TO-ORDER, based on the individual measurements of our customers feet.

We only use the finest leathers for our entire product range that are sourced from famous European tanneries like Puy, Annonay, Errepi, Pellami and Tris and Knightline shares these tanneries with Gucci, Berluti, Gaziano & Girling and Crockett & Jones. 
Knightline refined classicism of our designs, the leathers, the dyes, the textures, the accuracy and the detailed obsession for the perfect work by our artisans in Spain created the perfect partnership with  
It takes our team of highly skilled artisans between 4-5 weeks to carefully handcraft your unique leather shoe or lifestyle accessory.

Each pair of our Knightline leather shoes and leather lifestyle products are very carefully handcrafted & hand painted by our highly skilled artisans in Spain - famously referred to as 'The Art of Patina'. These artisans are enriched with a history of artisan shoemaking dating back to the early 18th century.
Knightline embodies a Ladies and Gentlemen's personalised style with their very own ornamental creative touch that is reflective in each one of a kind handcrafted shoe and lifestyle accessory.