Knightline is pleased to offer our collection of Gentlemen's Goodyear Welted soles in a range of different materials. Whilst plain leather and Dainite rubber soles are the most popular and best known, we also offer a few interesting alternatives.

Plain Leather Goodyear Welted Sole


The plain leather Goodyear Welted sole is the most classic option available and an extremely popular choice with our customers, suitable for any model of shoe or boot.

Leather sole footwear has a fine aesthetic and will quickly mould to your natural walking-pattern. One of the greatest benefits of a natural leather sole is the breathability that it provides.

For those with concerns about the level of grip provided by a leather sole, we highly recommend that you “walk-in” the soles of your new footwear on a patch of dry ground. This process will provide the leather with a natural water-resistance and enhanced grip.

Our Goodyear Welted leather soles are hand painted and can be finished in a variety of colours from classic natural hues through to more flamboyant shades.

Dainite Rubber Goodyear Welted Sole

Whilst rubber soles come in all different guises, a Goodyear Welted Dainite Sole is the most desirable option available. The Dainite has a pleasing aesthetic and offers a durable alternative to the traditional leather sole.

Dainite is a brand of rubber footwear soles, manufactured by the English company, Harboro Rubber. Established back in 1894, the trade name Dainite was coined by locals in the brand’s hometown of Market Harborough who would describe the company as ‘day and night mills’. Dainite produces a small range of rubber soles, but they’re best known for their studded rubber sole, which is utilized on footwear from international brands such as Allen Edmonds, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green and Joseph Cheaney.

Dainite is the only rubber outsole that can be considered luxurious and the best option for someone looking for a long-lasting rubber sole with an added measure of durability. As well as being clean, slick, and applicable to anything from an understated Derby shoe to a more rugged service boot – Dainite soles are applied to footwear using a Goodyear welt – making them easy to recraft time and time again. Also, with the feet on the ground, there is visually little difference between a leather sole and a Dainite sole.


Leather & Rubber Goodyear Welted Combination Soles


If you love the aesthetic of leather but value the grip of rubber then our Goodyear Welted combination sole units are the perfect solution.

Maintaining the production values associated with Goodyear Welted soles we can offer the perfect combination of appearance and functionality.

Half-Rubber Goodyear Welted Sole

The front half of the sole has been covered with a layer of rubber which provides superior grip and insulation. The main advantage of the half-rubber sole is the ease of maintainence – the rubber section can be easily replaced by your local shoe-mender.

Rubber Buttons Goodyear Welted Sole

The second shoe shown above features our Goodyear leather sole with rubber button injections. The “buttons” create a suction effect when worn on wet ground, thus increasing the grip of this sole. Like all Goodyear Welted soles, the rubber buttons sole can be replaced in it’s entirety.

Rubber Mountains Goodyear Welted Sole

Finally we have a leather sole with rubber “mountains” injections. This sole brings features normally found in a commando sole. The obvious benefits relate to enhanced grip on loose, unstable ground. The beauty of this sole is that whilst providing the grip of a commando sole, it still looks at home on a fine pair of dress shoes or boots from our wonderful range of shoes.


Special Beveled Waist Goodyear Welted Sole


With a Beveled Waist, the waist area of the shoe is shaped. The sole is substantially thicker in the middle and then thins toward the edges, giving it a shape similar to a stretched-out U. Essentially, it appears convex when viewed from the side.

The Hand Crafting of a Beveled Wait is time consuming, has to be precise in its shape and needs to match perfectly on each shoe so that one does not differ from the other. This is not easy to do, but when done well it is very much worth the effect that the detail provides for both the customer and the maker. It is a sign of pride in your craftsmanship and a sign of elegance in your shoe.