Here are some suggestions for proper shoe care. 


It is essential to understand that on first wearing the pores on the sole open. After three or four wears, dirt and dust get impingement into the pores resulting in a protective shield. Make sure to wear the shoes a couple of times in the dry before wearing them in the wet.


Please note that if your shoes get soaked, the leather will be fine. If the shoes get wet, you need to let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours. Make sure to place the shoes in shoe trees to avoid the leather to adopt odd shapes as they dry.

Allow the sole leather to dry completely since wet soles wear out twice as quickly.


It is crucial to clean the shoes with a dry surface to remove dirt before polishing. Make sure to remove the laces before polishing to prevent them from getting waxy.

We recommend polishing the shoes at night, so you leave it as long as possible. Always use plenty of polish, particularly in the welt and between the upper and sole.

Don't forget to remove excess polish with a cloth or brush. Ultimately, shine the shoes. 

Tip: If you want to give tan shoes an old-looking effect, you can use a darker color such as black polish.


Goodyear welted shoes can be repaired easily and the sole can be resoled several times. It is an excellent idea to test the sole. Use your thumb to push the spot in the middle of the shoe's front where you walk. When the area feels very soft, it is time to change the sole.

Test the soles regularly to avoid a hole to appear. If a hole appears, it is crucial to stop wearing them immediately to avoid damaging the shoe's insole and structure. 


If you have suede shoes, always apply a protective spray to shield them from stains or water before and after using the spay, you need to give them a good brush.

Please note it is not necessary to do this every time you wear the shoes. Do it every so often to enhance the resistance. 

It is a wise idea to have a suede or nubuck eraser to rub out if you get a small stain or mark. Allow mud to dry before brushing the shoes. If your suede shoes get wet, don't forget to use a shoe-tree or place some newspaper inside and allow them to dry for at least 48 hours.