Gentlemen Flex Sport Laced Boot - Medium Brown Lux Suede Calf Leather

Rs. 39,000.00

Material: Medium Brown Lux Suede Calf Leather
Lining: Tan Calf Leather
Stitching: Medium Brown
Laces: Taupe
Sole: White Flex Rubber Sole

The Gentlemen Flex Sport Boot features Lux Suede Calf Leather for a glove-like feel that is soft, breathable, and flexible.
A truly luxurious and enjoyable Summer Boot with unparalleled comfort and style.

As all of our shoes are hand crafted and custom made based on your size requirement, please allow 4-6 weeks for your Made To Order pair of shoes to be manufactured & delivered to you.
Kindly note that once your purchase and payment is made, your order is automatically launched to production.

Made to Order items can not be canceled or modified after being launched to production.

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