Gentlemen Single Monk in Burnished Cognac Box Calf Leather with Goodyear Welt and Beveled Waist

Rs. 72,000.00

Materials: Burnished Cognac Box Calf Leather
Lining: Tan Calf Leather
Sole: Goodyear Welt with Cognac Leather Sole & Beveled Waist with Metal Toe Tap and Cuban Slightly Higher Heel
Last: Cubano - Chiseled Toe with Narrow Waist and Cuban Heel

Single Monkstrap shoes have become very popular recently. The Single Monk is characterised by a single strap coming across the upper of the shoe and meeting with a buckle. A Single Monkstrap is very comfortable to wear and has become a staple shoe to get attention. Being a classic but not conservative style choice, they are also a safe choice to wear in a more fashionable environment.

In shoemaking terminology, burnish is the term for adding an antiqued effect on leather shoes to create a variation in shades. The process of burnishing is meant to bring out the highs and the lows of the shoe, strongly focusing on drawing out the depth of the leather. Burnishing helps in giving the shoes a look of superior quality and exclusiveness.

The process requires simple but precise equipment, a set of burnishing mops and a bar of specific burnishing wax. The rest is all down to the skill and expertise of the burnishing artisan to achieve the best possible finish.

It takes up to one hour to perfect each individual shoe, having to burnish the entire shoe with particular care, paying special attention to the cap and counter.

With a Beveled Waist, the waist area of the shoe is shaped. The sole is substantially thicker in the middle and then thins toward the edges, giving it a shape similar to a stretched-out U. Essentially, it appears convex when viewed from the side.

The Hand Crafting of a Beveled Wait is time consuming, has to be precise in its shape and needs to match perfectly on each shoe so that one does not differ from the other. This is not easy to do, but when done well it is very much worth the effect that the detail provides for both the customer and the maker. It is a sign of pride in your craftsmanship and a sign of elegance in your shoe.

As all of our shoes are hand crafted and custom made based on your size requirement, please allow 4-6 weeks for your Made To Order pair of shoes to be manufactured & delivered to you.
Kindly note that once your purchase and payment is made, your order is automatically launched to production.

Made to Order items can not be canceled or modified after being launched to production.

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